Product Packaging in the Pet Food Industry

Key Industry Challenges

The pet food industry has undergone significant changes over the past several decades. Private labeling, premium brands, and plant hygiene have all affected how pet foods are produced and packaged. Equipment has to be flexible, able to handle various weights and extrusion profiles, and be capable of being cleaned to a food grade standard.

The Solution

NOVA Packaging offers filling and palletizing systems designed specifically for the demands of the pet food industry. Our scales come equipped with a wide range of feeder styles designed to handle all types of product shapes, sizes and weighments. Downstream, our bag handling and palletizing systems assure you that both product and bag reach the store shelf in top condition. Attention to detail such as non-contact bag turners, low frequency bag conditioners and non-marking rollers are just a few of the features that make NOVA your choice for pet food packaging and palletizing